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Potentiation training vs. fatigue training strategy


What is potentiation?

Potentiation is a positive functional response of the muscle to the load. It simultaneously increases the amplitude of muscle force and the rate of force development. A typical example of potentiation would be a warm-up exercise that prepares the body for effective high-intensity muscular activity.

What about fatigue?

Fatigue is exactly the opposite of potentiation. It causes a negative response of the muscle as it decreases force production and lowers the rate of force development.

In this course, you will discover the main difference between potentiation vs. fatigue and how they affect your training. We will show you how to accurately measure and monitor potentiation and why the right balance between fatigue and potentiation is crucial for successful speed and explosive strength development along with many other important tips and tricks.

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The course consists of 4 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course we will reply to 15 questions related to potentiation training strategy and fatigue training strategy.

  1. What is fatigue and how it is manifested in sports performance?
  2. What is fatigue training strategy?
  3. What is potentiation and how it is manifested in sports performance?
  4. What is the difference between potentiation, post-activation potentiation and twitch potentiation?
  5. How are fatigue and potentiation related?
  6. Acute vs chronic influence of potentiation on muscle performance?
  7. Why should we escape fatigue in between speed training?
  8. How can you find appropriate exercise for reaching the high level of potentiation?
  9. How can we measure and quantify potentiation?
  10. How does a typical measurement of potentiation look?
  11. How often should we check the level of potentiation and why?
  12. Is potentiation different between athletes and how is it connected with athletes’ peak performance?
  13. Is there any relationship between level of injuries and fatigue/potentiation?
  14. What are the main benefits of potentiation training strategy?
  15. Why didn’t we use potentiation training strategy before?


At the end of the course, you will find a quiz where you will be asked to answer three questions related to the content of the course. If you answer at least two of the three questions correctly, you will receive a certificate of completion.


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