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Developing speed


The ability to make fast cyclic and acyclic movements that are either rectilinear, semi-circular, or lateral is crucial in most sports. Apart from developing high force quickly, movement patterns must have the correct biomechanical base. Hence, why right technical execution is necessary for development and the ultimate ability to move quickly.

In this course you will learn about the importance of individualization when developing speed, the importance of optimization of technical accuracy and the effect of potentiation and fatigue in the context of speed development along with many other important  tips and tricks.

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The course consists of 5 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course we will reply to 12 questions related to the development of speed and show you a specific exercise for speed development:

  1. What are the most important muscles for sprinting?
  2. What are the elements of speed development?
  3. What is the relationship between efficiency and intensity of  movement when sprinting?
  4. What kind of movement is sprinting?
  5. Does duration of sprinting increase the possibility of muscle/tendon injurie? What about the intensity of training load?
  6. How important is strength balance of different muscle groups in sprinting?
  7. How does fatigue Influence sprinting?
  8. What are the limiting conditions of sprinting?
  9. How essential is individualization of the training?
  10. Why do injuries happen?
  11. Is Jerk ( acceleration/time) an essential variable for fast movements?
  12. What are the Best methodologies for monitoring the speed?

At the end of the course you will find a quiz where you will be asked to answer three questions related to the content of the course. If you answer at least two of the three questions correctly, you will receive a certificate of completion.


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