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Developing explosive strength


Developing explosive strength is an area of training involved in most individual and team sports. It is closely linked to the ability to accelerate/decelerate and development of speed in general. Effective and sustained strength development enables athletes to perform at peak levels and reduces the risk of injury.

In this course, you will learn about the necessary conditions for fast muscle contraction, the importance of balance between the strength of different muscle groups and why effective development of explosive strength reduces the risk of injury along with many other important tips and tricks.

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The course consists of 4 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course, we will reply to 15 questions related to the development of explosive strength and show you a specific exercise for explosive strength development:

  1. What is training cycle?
  2. What is explosive strength?
  3. Is the activation level of muscles crucial for the development of explosive strength?
  4. What are necessary conditions for fast muscle contraction?
  5. How can we measure the level of explosive strength (EXS)?
  6. How does fatigue interfere with explosive strength?
  7. How does potentiation influence the activation of target muscles when developing explosive strength?
  8. Is the development of explosive strength connected with the level and duration of load and angle specificity?
  9. How important is the strength balance of different muscle groups when training explosive strength?
  10. How long can we develop explosive strength?
  11. What is the difference between relative and absolute explosive strength in different sports?
  12. Are there any gender differences in the approach of developing explosive strength?
  13. How important is the muscle tendon complex for training efficiency?
  14. What are common mistakes of strength development?
  15. Is Individualization of strength development important?

At the end of the course you will find a quiz where you will be asked to answer three questions related to the content of the course. If you answer at least two of the three questions correctly, you will receive a certificate of completion.


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