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Potentiation training strategy – workshop recording


This online workshop will explore the concept of training with potentiation as a key factor in achieving explosive strength, increasing speed, and mastering new movement patterns in a more efficient way. Potentiation, a little-known phenomenon, has the potential to revolutionize athletic training by providing an effective solution to the problem of fatigue.

Potentiation training strategy focuses on maximizing the body’s ability to produce explosive power and speed by taking advantage of the state of potentiation, which is the temporary increase in the responsiveness of the neuromuscular system to a subsequent stimulus. By carefully managing the timing and intensity of training sessions, athletes can enhance their physical abilities, leading to more effective and efficient training. Training sessions will be more efficient as the number of unnecessary repetitions and sets will be reduced.

Our workshop will be led by Srdjan Djordjevic, an experienced athletic coach. He will provide you with theoretical background, practical advice, and guidance, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Join us for an exciting workshop that delves into the cutting-edge science behind athletic training! 

We’ll cover a range of scientific terms and methodologies, including:

  • Post-activation potentiation, 
  • Post-activation potentiation enhancement,
  • Twitch potentiation, 
  • Potentiation training strategy.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how these concepts work and how you can apply them to your own training regimen.

In addition, we will introduce innovative methods:

  • For planning your speed development, 
  • Explosive power training and 
  • Movement pattern mastery more efficiently. 

You’ll learn new strategies for taking your performance to the next level and achieving your athletic goals.


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