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Unlock Your athletic potentiation with
Potentiation Training Strategy:
BECOME FASTER, MORE EXPLOSIVE and better AT Mastering new movement patterns!


Join us for an exciting WORKSHOP that delves into the cutting-edge science behind athletic training!

We will explore:

  • The concept of training with potentiation as a key factor in achieving explosive strength, speed and mastering new movement patterns
  • Other uses of potentiation such as evaluation of injuries and return-to-play

We’ll cover a range of scientific terms and methodologies, including:

  • Post-activation potentiation
  • Post-activation potentiation enhancement
  • Twitch potentiation
  • Potentiation training strategy

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how these concepts work and how you can apply these innovative methods to your own training regime.


For many years, fatigue has been used to determine the number of repetitions and load in a given set. However, a newer approach to training, called the Potentiation training strategy (PTS), aims to optimize the potentiation between training sessions. By doing so, the neuromuscular system can be in an ideal state for fast and intense movements, leading to increased capacity for explosive and high-intensity movements, reduced fatigue, and better control over high-frequency movements.

This approach focuses on maximizing the body’s ability to produce explosive power and speed by taking advantage of the state of potentiation, which is the temporary increase in the responsiveness of the neuromuscular system to a subsequent stimulus. By carefully managing the timing and intensity of training sessions, athletes can enhance their physical abilities, leading to more effective and efficient training. Training sessions will be more efficient as the number of unnecessary repetitions and sets will be reduced.

After a longer systematic application of PTS, there is a noticeable improvement in the direction of higher speed of movement, increased explosive power, especially in acceleration, and learning new fast movement patterns more quickly.

In summary, while traditional approaches to training have relied on fatigue as a metric, the PTS concept focuses on potentiation maximization, leading to higher capacity, reduced fatigue, and better control, resulting in better athletic performance.

At this workshop, coach Djordjevic will provide a theoretical base, practical advice and guidance, as well as answers to any of your questions regarding PTS.

This workshop is not for the average coaches, but for those who want something more, something you can’t get in any traditional educational materials. It is designed for coaches who are looking to take their skills to the next level and go beyond standard training methodology to achieve an elite level of sports performance.

Complete Training by Srdjan Djordjevic jumping Alen Sket
Testimonial Alen Sket

Coach SRDAJN DJORDJEVIC and Alen Šket (2x Silver medal European volleyball championship)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the latest scientific breakthroughs in athletic training – sign up for our potentiation training workshop today and take your athletic performance to the next level!

Complete Training by Srdjan Djordjevic training Merlene Ottey

Srdjan Djordjevic coaching 

Merlene Ottey:

– Olympic Games (9 medals)    

– World Championships (14 medals)   

– World Indoor Championships (7 medals) 

Complete Training by Srdjan Djordjevic running alongside Usain Bolt
Jan Žumer (World Athletics Championships)
Maja Mihalinec Zidar (2x Olympian)


  • Slovenian Olympic committee
  • Athletic Federation of Slovenia
  • Slovenian national football team
  • Italian National Football team:
    – European championship, 2nd Poland 2012 (with qualification)
    – World championship Brazil 2014 (with qualification)
  • UK Sport, London, UK
  • FC Barcelona [Spain]
  • FC Al Hilal [Saudi Arabia]
  • FC Lokomotiv Moscow [Russia]
  • FC Dinamo Kyiv [Ukraine]
  • FC Publicum Celje [Slovenia]
  • FC Fiorentina [Italy]
  • FC Livorno [Italy]
  • FC Parma [Italy]
  • FC Bari [Italy]
  • FC Genoa [Italy]
  • FC Modena [Italy]
  • FC Udinese [Italy]
  • FC Spezia [Italy]
  • FC Atalanta [Italy]
  • FC Hajduk [Croatia]
  • FC Olimpija [Slovenia]
  • FC Bayern Munich [Germany]

It all started 30 years ago when my fellow researchers and I first published a paper on the effects of electrical stimulation on the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers. The research revealed that electrical stimulation increases contraction speed and muscle strength. Gathering knowledge and experience during the years has led us to the current project where we are working on functional muscle diagnostics and potentiation phenomena, which can substantially improve the effectiveness of explosive strength and speed training.

– Srdjan Djordjević

Head strength and conditioning coach of FC Olimpija (national champions)

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Developing speed

The course consists of 5 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course we will reply to 12 questions related to the development of speed and show you a specific exercise for speed development:

  1. What are the most important muscles for sprinting?
  2. What are the elements of speed development?
  3. What is the relationship between efficiency and intensity of  movement when sprinting?
  4. What kind of movement is sprinting?
  5. Does duration of sprinting increase the possibility of muscle/tendon injurie? What about the intensity of training load?
  6. How important is strength balance of different muscle groups in sprinting?
  7. How does fatigue Influence sprinting?
  8. What are the limiting conditions of sprinting?
  9. How essential is individualization of the training?
  10. Why do injuries happen?
  11. Is Jerk ( acceleration/time) an essential variable for fast movements?
  12. What are the Best methodologies for monitoring the speed?


The course consists of 4 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course, we will reply to 15 questions related to the development of explosive strength and show you a specific exercise for explosive strength development:

  1. What is training cycle?
  2. What is explosive strength?
  3. Is the activation level of muscles crucial for the development of explosive strength?
  4. What are necessary conditions for fast muscle contraction?
  5. How can we measure the level of explosive strength (EXS)?
  6. How does fatigue interfere with explosive strength?
  7. How does potentiation influence the activation of target muscles when developing explosive strength?
  8. Is the development of explosive strength connected with the level and duration of load and angle specificity?
  9. How important is the strength balance of different muscle groups when training explosive strength?
  10. How long can we develop explosive strength?
  11. What is the difference between relative and absolute explosive strength in different sports?
  12. Are there any gender differences in the approach of developing explosive strength?
  13. How important is the muscle tendon complex for training efficiency?
  14. What are common mistakes of strength development?
  15. Is Individualization of strength development important?


The course consists of 4 lessons and is approximately 30 minutes long.
In this course we will reply to 15 questions related to potentiation training strategy and fatigue training strategy.

  1. What is fatigue and how it is manifested in sports performance?
  2. What is fatigue training strategy?
  3. What is potentiation and how it is manifested in sports performance?
  4. What is the difference between potentiation, post-activation potentiation and twitch potentiation?
  5. How are fatigue and potentiation related?
  6. Acute vs chronic influence of potentiation on muscle performance?
  7. Why should we escape fatigue in between speed training?
  8. How can you find appropriate exercise for reaching the high level of potentiation?
  9. How can we measure and quantify potentiation?
  10. How does a typical measurement of potentiation look?
  11. How often should we check the level of potentiation and why?
  12. Is potentiation different between athletes and how is it connected with athletes’ peak performance?
  13. Is there any relationship between level of injuries and fatigue/potentiation?
  14. What are the main benefits of potentiation training strategy?
  15. Why didn’t we use potentiation training strategy before?


At Complete Training, our commitment to SCIENCE means that we use evidence-based practices to develop training programs. We stay up-to-date with the latest research in sports science to ensure that our programs are effective and safe for our clients.

Our focus on INNOVATION means that we are always looking for new and revolutionary training practices to incorporate into our programs. We use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to help our clients achieve their fitness goals.

EXPERIENCE is also a core value of ours. With over 30 years of experience in sports training, we have honed our skills and knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible training programs. We have worked with a wide range of clients and our experience allows us to tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of each client.

Lastly, our commitment to UTILIZATION means that we focus on helping our clients utilize their full potential. We bridge the gap between theory and practice by helping our clinicians apply the most advanced athletic methodologies.